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What We Bring To You

At Ikore, we provide the following services in order to
improve our environment

Value chain development

Our approach to value chain development looks at market dynamics and relationships between the different actors in the chain with the objective of strengthening the whole market system...

Private sector development

We are working on a range of strategies for promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries by partnering and supporting private enterprises and developing projects...

Capacity building

We build the capacities of individuals, organizations and societies through training and workshops to obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development...

Gender and youth development

Women and youth participation and empowerment are at the core of all our projects to ensure that we can contribute towards mitigating the many issues that hinder women and youth...

Rural entrepreneurship

We are working to create an enabling environment for rural entrepreneurship and development by working with the government and the private sector to create access to financial assistance...

Climate smart agriculture

Part of our vision is to ensure climate-smart agriculture by developing and implementing projects with an approach that helps to guide actions needed to transform agricultural activities towards a safer environment...



What We've Done In The Livestock Sector


Number of birds vaccinated with NDI2 Vaccine


Number of small ruminants vaccinated with PPR Vaccine


Total Number of Livestock Farmers Reached


Community Animal Health Workers Trained

Who we are

Creating Resilience For Vulnerable Communities

Ikore, meaning “harvest” in Yoruba language, is an international development organization, proffering innovative solutions to drive sustainable social and enterprise development.

Ikore’s view of the world is one of a complex system with inter-dependencies. And as such, we work with the private, public sector and other non-state actors to address barriers to access, achieving scale, efficiency, and innovation in agribusiness and other sectors. Whatever we do, we always aim to create a win-win situation for all actors, extending the access frontiers at every opportunity.

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    What We Bring To You

    Investing In Impact(Triple-I)

    This initiative involves the training of rural women in profitable poultry and livestock production as well as entrepreneurial skill with which they can generate reasonable income thereby leading to reduced poverty in rural women. Gender equality is promoted with improved capacity for running sustainable businesses through strong structures and more access to productive resources for developing their enterprise.

    Take And Give Initiative (TAG)

    We design evidence-based market solutions aimed at reaching the bottom of the pyramid, this
    approach lessens economic burden at the last mile providing improved livelihood and building resilient households.

    Direct-to-retail model for inputs

    Ikore works directly with input suppliers to get desired production inputs to rural communities by either developing new retail points in target locality or expanding the product portfolio of an existing agro-vet retailer or a combination of the two. This approach allows for minimizing the inefficiency with multiple intermediaries in the chain.

    Bottom of the Pyramid Model (BOP)

    We design evidence-based market solutions aimed at reaching the bottom of the pyramid, this
    approach lessens economic burden at the last mile providing improved livelihood and building resilient households.


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