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Bin2Bank Project

Bin2bank is an initiative facilitating the sustainable reduction of plastic waste at the community level using a decentralized approach. The project aims to reduce the indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste by creating social awareness and engaging individuals within the project community. Our focus is essentially on PET bottles due to their wide prevalence, ease of recycling, accessibility and reusing. Our primary targets are women and youths who are trained and mobilised to champion the initiative and cascade positive behavioural change around proper plastic waste management within their various communities. We collaborate closely with local businesses and households within communities providing technical support and resources to selected women and youths which would enable and encourage them to actively participate and take ownership of the project.
Plastic waste pose global environmental threats because it alters habitats and natural processes, reducing our ecosystems’ ability to adapt to climate change directly affecting millions of people’s livelihoods and social well-being. Plastic pollution currently contributes to 10% of globally generated waste and Nigeria ranks 9th in the global plastic pollution chart with beverage companies, households, restaurants, hotels, lounges and supermarkets as leading plastic users. Majorly, poorer countries are hit the most as they lack infrastructural and technological facilities, and social awareness needed to tackle the plastic waste pandemic. To this effect, our project is committed to revolutionizing and developing effective and efficient methods of disposing of PET bottles in our communities, creating employment opportunities that invariably reduce poverty, ensure a cleaner environment, educate communities about the environmental and health risk associated with indiscriminate plastic waste disposal, foster collaboration with stakeholders, encourage community ownership and behavioural change and promote active participation in waste management.
At the core, we strive to build sustainable communities that tackle the endemic problem of plastic waste pollution.