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What We Bring To You

Business Model Design and Advisory

We provide short-term technical assistance for small business enterprises and help them achieve their organizational goals through the development of market strategies, business model testing, proof of business concept and organizational capacity assessment exercises.

Research, Learning and Capacity Building

Ikore has vast experience implementing different research methodologies with an array of technology for data collection, analysis and reports. In terms of capacity building, we offer bespoke training driven by insights into the needs of the participants, using various adult learning techniques and participatory approaches.

Project Design and Execution

We leverage our expertise to drive transformation through innovative projects tailored towards the economically disadvantaged and reaching the last mile. We also partner with institutional stakeholders and other private actors to execute impact-driven projects within and beyond Nigeria.

Value Chain & Policy Development

Through our team of value chain experts, Ikore conducts value chain analysis for clients, both crops and livestock, mapping out the transactions and relationships and opportunities for upgrade, targeted at intervention nodes/levers. Through in-depth social and economic research, we provide policy recommendations to state and federal governments, fostering public-private partnerships.

Our Core Expertise

What We Bring To You

At Ikore, we provide the following services in order to
improve our environment

Value chain development

Our approach to value chain development looks at market dynamics and relationships between the different actors in the chain with the objective of strengthening the whole market system...

Private sector development

We are working on a range of strategies for promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries by partnering and supporting private enterprises and developing projects...

Capacity building

We build the capacities of individuals, organizations and societies through training and workshops to obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development...

Gender and youth Development

Women and youth participation and empowerment are at the core of every of our project to ensure that we can contribute towards mitigating the many issues that hinder women and youth...

Rural entrepreneurship

We are working to create an enabling environment for rural entrepreneurs and rural development by working with the government and the private sector to create access to financial assistance...

Climate smart agriculture

Part of our vision is to ensure climate-smart agriculture by developing and implementing projects with an approach that helps to guide actions needed to transform and reorient agricultural...