• 12 Ebitu Ukiwe Str. Jabi, Abuja
  • info@ikore.org
  • Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Project Management Office and Institutional Capacity Enhancement to SCL to deliver on Mastercard Foundation-funded Project Juriya

Project Juriya,`` a Mastercard Foundation-funded initiative implemented by SCL, aims to address low productivity, unsustainable agricultural practices, and financial exclusion in Nigeria. The project promotes regenerative agriculture practices at the household level to help smallholder farmers become more self-sufficient and financially stable.

IKORE serves as Mastercard's Project Management Office, providing institutional capacity enhancement services to SCL to ensure timely, within-budget, and quality delivery of the project. This involves establishing project management processes, procedures, and tools, building the capacity of SCL staff, and developing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track progress and identify areas for improvement.