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Value Chain Development Training Report

A two-day training program conducted by TechnoServe Nigeria in collaboration with Synergos, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The training focused on value chain development in the agricultural sector, specifically in the states of Kaduna, Benue, and Kogi. Participants included actors from the academia, Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural coalitions/union representatives, and related agencies.

The first day began with discussions on the concept of “Agriculture as a Business,” emphasizing the importance of documentation, value addition, and profitability in agriculture. Participants also discussed the role of the government in supporting the agricultural sector and identified challenges such as poor infrastructure, insecurity, and multiple taxation.

The training continued with sessions on value chain development, competitiveness, value chain coalitions, and their benefits to stakeholders. Participants worked in groups to develop value chains for various crops and discussed factors affecting competitiveness. The importance of quality control and risk management in value chains was also highlighted. Access to finance and insurance options for the agricultural sector were addressed, along with the significance of gender inclusion and youth engagement in value chains.

On the second day, participants reviewed the group assignments on value chain coalitions and benefits to stakeholders. Modules on quality control, risk management, access to finance and insurance, and gender and youth engagement were covered. The training concluded with a post-test to assess participants’ learning.

Overall, the training aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of agricultural market dynamics, relationships within the agribusiness sector, and strategies for optimizing value chains. The document emphasizes the need for proactive and strategic investments to transform agricultural policies in the targeted states.