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Women play a central role in the agricultural value chain, forming its backbone by making up 52% of the total population in the sector (FAO).  They also are responsible for up to 50% of the farm labour in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mostly, women are seen as entrepreneurs, livestock owners, and smallholder farmers within the sector (FAO). For Africa to succeed amidst the wave of innovation sweeping across the agricultural value chain, more emphasis should be laid on gender equality and inclusion for sustainable development. The lack of performance in the agricultural sector in developing countries, according to FAO is pinned to the fact that women are provided with limited access to productive resources and are not opportune to take advantage of the opportunities available within the sector.

Ikore in partnership with Chananhill is working on a project called Take and Give (TAG). This project will help to reduce poverty among widows and internally displaced women, build their capacity in the livestock and poultry farming sector and increase access to productive resources for growth and sustainability. Also, the strategy incorporates resource mobilization for the structural formation and scale-up of activities initiated by the project.

Our goal is to support underserved and marginalized women. starting with North Eastern Nigeria, to start-up livestock businesses to contribute to their livelihood and increase food security for the growing population.

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