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Supporting Rural Vulnerable Women

Women play a central role in the agricultural value chain, forming its backbone by making up 52% of the total population in the sector (FAO). They also are responsible for up to 50% of the farm labor in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mostly, women are seen within the sector as entrepreneurs, livestock owners and smallholder farmers within the sector. Women are however limited by lack of access to productive resources and are not opportune to take advantage of the opportunities available within the sector.
Chananhill, in a bid to address these challenges, identifies communities and target farmers, particularly widows and internally displaced women who fall within the most vulnerable group in their community. The women are supported with small ruminant (Male and Female goat), medication, vaccine and feed. Upon reproduction, the woman will also introduce another woman who is interested and she will be given the one kid out of the number of kids birthed by the goat whilst the remaining kids becomes hers. This way women learn to help other women and together they build a strong community of financially stable women resilient to economic shocks.